It’s nearly here!

Well whanau, its been a rough few months health wise so the time needed to get this store up and running unfortunately had to be put onto the back burner!

I recently had my Gallbladder removed and life has been nothing but amazing since this operation. Gallstones, well fuck! They are horrendous and I feel for all the poor souls who have had to endure the pain of having them or are still having to deal with this issue because the pain is off the charts. 

So now, here we are on this chilly friday night, currently awaiting the first shipment to arrive to my doorstep so I can get this website fully opened to you all. Wether you are just wanting to window shop, be nosy or are actually interested in the Kākahu I have created, I’m excited to get it opened for you!

Now I thought id share a bit of a brain dump to offload some of the stress and excitement coming our way, Let’s start with the exciting things to share.

- My friend at Our Kin Photography was kind enough to take some beautiful product photos for me to share! You have no idea how incredibly helpful it is to have such a talented friend behind the lens  :) (forever grateful to you K)

- The new samples I recently designed turned out amazing with only one slight amendment needed to one of the new dresses! The feedback was so encouraging too so thank you whanau x 

- The most important news is that we are only about a week away from having all of the first stock arrive YAY!

Now the stressful side of things…

- I just finished uploading all of the product details a few nights ago to the website (which is on private mode until I can add the physical stock to it :)) and I managed to somehow wipe all of the products and details from the page this morning FUCK! It takes hours to create now I’m back to square one!

- Custom fees and tax FML say no more, lets not go into further detail on this I’m depressed as it is :/

- Second guessing! Second guessing sizing, material, pricing, colour options, stock holding, creating refund and return policies, customer service guarantees, SOPs for everything I do, the list is endless and exhausting to think about.

Even with that being said, there’s nothing more that I’d rather be doing.

Something for me, created by me :)

If you have read this far into my rambles, I applaud you!

Now, back to re-creating the product and description page I fucked up….

Dani x


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