Coming soon..

Coming soon..

First of all, welcome to Settlers. Rd!

I had imagined that this would have been kept a secret a little longer and until we had an ETA of the first release date but hei aha, with whanau like mine, news spreads a little faster than usual 😅.

With that being said, it’s probably the kick up the ass that I needed to get the final details and designs completed.

I’ve spent years dreaming about being able to create something like this and with the stress of interest rates rising, the cost of living soaring and constant pressures in my current 9-5, I have never been more motivated to get creative and do something I have been thinking about since I first moved to Settlers Road.

I was only eleven years old when I first started drawing up designs and thinking about my first business.

Story time, when my mum eventually sold our place on Settlers road, she found the designs in my old bedroom.
When we went through them, we noticed that everything I had drawn up eventually came into fashion over the next 10 years. 😅 

Thats enough about that for now..

While I continue to alter, design and work on getting this business up and running, feel free to sign up to receive the latest updates from me or feel free to follow @settlersrd on Instagram which will also be kept updated :)

If you have read this far into this blog, cheers! 🤣

Dani x


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